Justice Should Apply to Everyone

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. -Frederick Douglass

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The flashing lights of the Alabama State Trooper caught my eye.

Surely he’s not coming after me.

I pulled into an apartment complex and parked by the curb. It was two in the afternoon and sunny outside. The Trooper approached my window hand on his gun.

You know I could take you to jail, right? He asked, his hand still on his gun.

For what? I had not idea what I had done wrong, much less what he could take me to jail for.

You ran from me and then pulled in here to try and hide from me.

No sir, I pulled in here because there was no other place to stop and I pulled over as soon as I saw you lights.

You’re lucky I’m in a good mood. License and proof of insurance, he smirked.

I was driving my old beat up car and I guess he figured I was just the right type of person to threaten without cause. Maybe it made him feel like a big man. The sad part is, he was right. He could have arrested me and said that I ran from him. How would I ever prove different?

I handed him my license and my phone that contained my insurance card.

What’s this?

It’s my proof of insurance. They send it to me electronically, I said.

He handed the phone back to me and went to his car. When he returned he handed me a ticket for speeding and a ticket for not having proof of insurance.

It was a struggle deciding what to do. I didn’t think I’d stand a chance if I tried to fight the ticket. Thankfully, I was wrong. The Trooper was just as rude while in front of the judge as he had been that day. He even told the judge that I had no right to be on the road I was on. Which bye the way was the road that my mother-in-law lives on and I was on my way to her house to pick up my children.

Seven other people attempted to fight their tickets on their own that day and all of them lost. Really, I got lucky. If the State Trooper hadn’t been a completely arrogant person I most likely would have lost as well.

Winning felt great! It’s too bad that most of us have to fight alone. Not one of the others in court that day had a lawyer. Who can afford one? The truth is, anyone can afford a lawyer thanks to legal shield. I’ll never have to fight alone again. The next time an officer threatens to arrest me I will simply hand him my legalshield membership card which instructs him to contact my attorney if he is going to place me under arrest or detain me. It’s affordable for everyone! $19.95 a month you can have access to a personal attorney 24 hours a day. Never fight alone again. There’s so much more than traffic ticket protection. Tax issues, contracts, adoption, divorce, and much more! Justice is no longer for the rich. With the family plan that is 19.95 you, your spouse, and up to eight dependent children under the age of 28 are all covered.

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LegalShield Independent Associate
Robert K Mitchell

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