GA Teen Avoids Prison After Deadly Crash

When their 17-year-old son was involved in a serious and tragic accident, these LegalShield members contacted their provider law firm. Kevin Almeroth, a lawyer from Deming, Parker, Hoffman Campbell & Daly, LLC, the LegalShield provider law firm for Georgia, shares how the young member initially received multiple charges including vehicle homicide in the first degree (a felony in Georgia). The case went on for over five years but they reached an agreement in which all counts except reckless driving were dismissed and after serving 12 months of probation, the member would not have a conviction on his record.

“There’s no better service you can provide to a client, than to protect his liberty. And this particular situation, our investment of over five years of our time on his behalf, was well worth it because he never spent any time behind bars.”
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